Boji Stones and Their Healing Properties

The boji stones, also called pop rocks, are fun little stones that are said to support spiritual development. It is generally a good idea to put as little emphasis on what stones are supposed to do as possible as opposed to what you feel they do, as each stone will work differently with each person. However, they are considered especially good for people in agriculture as they help you get more in tune with nature, even to the point of being able to telepathicly communicate with plants and animals. They are also good for spiritual work in that they will help you bring you into the present moment and encourage growth without judgement. They are good with emotions, they will show us where we need to adress issues, although they offer little help in releasing them other than patient support.

boji-stonesThere are male and female boji stones, the male are the ones with the bumpy surface and the female are the ones with the smooth surface. The female ones are by far the most common. Some say there are also androgynous rocks, and these would be the ones with just a few bumps.The best way to work with them is to hold them in your hands in meditation, or simply sit holding them for some minutes or how long you feel like. To align with your own energies you can put the male stone in your female hand (usually left) and the female stone in your left hand (usually right). When you put the to stones toward each other, you’ll find that two of the sides give a slight resistance. These are the sides you should place towards your body. The resistance is very subtle but detectable by anyone. Another possible way to work with them is to use female stones (that you can get rather affordably) with oil and massage them on your body.

It is said that if the boji stones are neglected they will wither and turn to dust, while in reality what happens is that they will leech off each other and thereby over months or years crumble. It is therefore wise to store the stones in separate places.

by Agathe Molvik.

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