Horsetail and Its Many Uses

Horsetail, also known as Bottlebrush, is a herb that is known for its great effect on the kidneys that will help problems like infections in the urinary tract, edema, kidney stones, bladder problems, pyelitis and so forth. If you struggle with any of these or similar ailments, regular use of horsetail would do you wonders. However, there are also many other interesting uses for this herb that are perhaps less well-known.

Different Uses of Horsetail

The herbalist Maria Treben considered Horsetail to be best protection against cancer. Where cancer has already developed, use of this herb is said to stop the growth of tumors and eventually break them down. You would for that purpose lay damp towels with horsetail infusion externally on the tumor or growth.

drying-horsetail-herbProblems with sweaty feet can be helped with the use of horsetail tincture. You make this by adding 10 grams of horsetail to 50 grams of alcohol and let it sit for two weeks. You simply rub your feet in the tincture daily. Alternatively you can do footbaths with an infusion of the dried or fresh herb.

Horsetail infusion will also remove dandruff if you rinse your hair daily with it for some period of time.

Maria Treben further claims that the herb keeps people out of mental hospitals by easing depression and many other mental illnesses, that she seems to believe might be caused by problems with the kidneys.

Horsetail as a Flower Essence

In “Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing” Gurudas also seems to be of the impression that there is a certain effect upon mental issues as it will ease anxieties and nervous tics. In general he considers it a good tonic for the nerves.

horsetail-bottlebrushNot only the nerves will benefit from the essence but also the muscular tissue, releasing toxins and lactic acid. This in turn helps the system to assimilate nutrition into the body.

You can make flower essences yourself, and this is not at all a complicated process. In short you merely place the fresh herb in fresh water and let it sit in the sun for a while in order for the water to receive an etheric imprint of the plant. While the process itself is easy, what complicates things is that you should be very clear and aware of what you’re doing, and hence it might be better to buy a readily made essence unless you have some knowledge in making essences yourself.

by Agathe Molvik.

Sources: “Healing Through God’s Farmacy” by Maria Treben and “Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing” by Gurudas.

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