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Agathe Molvik (Hermit living on a secluded island far off the coast of Norway with too much time for meditation and researching new topics.)


Douwe Boschma (Artsy Dutch transplant in Norway with a persistent spiritual bug up his ass.)

Ida Maria Børli Sivertsen (Free spirited musician living in Los Angeles.)

Lloyd Matthew Thompson (Author of books like The Galaxy Healer’s Guide and Root.)

Martin Furan (Open minded skeptic with a master’s degree in sociology.)

Tamara Rectenwald (Certified crystal healer and crystal expert at Pura Vida Crystals.)

We also have a few selected guest writers who’s articles span from economics to astrology.

Former Writers

Darren Neale (Eco farmer at the Leather River farm in Canada.)

Namaste Angel (Energy expert, life coach and channel at ONEistic.)